Top Tips for Tough Hands

Grip work (from barbells and dumbbells to hanging movements) can take its toll on our hands, forming calluses and rough skin on the palm of our hands, making them all the more delicate when we return to the bar for more. 

Here's our guide to managing your hands and keeping them in tip top condition for any WoD, remember PREVENTION is better than having to cure... 

1. File any rough skin down with a pumice stone, pedi-egg or a skin razor (be careful!) But don't go overboard - we need a good base of hard skin to grip properly - just without the bumps and ridges. 
HOW OFTEN: Once a week or as required. Best time to do this: after a hot bath/shower or soak your hands in warm water to make skin soft. 

2. Keep hands moisturised - especially in Winter months - hard, dry skin will be affected more in Winter. 
HOW OFTEN: Every day, as needed. 

3. To prevent tears, look at using gymnastic grips, tape, or use chalk. This will come down to preference. We want a nice sticky grip on the bar, the more your hands move, the more friction caused, therefore the higher the likelihood of tears. 
Check out Rogue's website for a good selection of grips. If you prefer tape, check out WoD n'done for pre-cut strips to save time. 

4. Also think about the way you actually grip the bar as this can make a big difference - ask one of our trainers for tips next time you're in the box... 

5. If you do tear, cut off any loose skin (with clean scissors!) and wash the area with warm, soapy water. (You just have to suck this part up!) Leave skin to breathe or to continue training you could use a blister plaster and tape to protect the area. 

6. Apply skin healing / moisturising balms - invest in something like Doc Spartan to cover the torn area - we find this combat ready ointment among the best out there for repairing torn skin, and keeping you moisturised. 

7. Keep a hand care kit in your bag - skin razor, pumice stone or file, nail scissors, tape / grips, blister plasters, maybe even gloves for things like rope climbs, tyre flips etc. 

Finally - check out this article posted on the CrossFit Journal about hand management: Hand Rips - CrossFit Journal Article  

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