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What The Open does for me, in and out of the gym ... by Joanne Thomas

A CFA stalwart, Jojo Thomas is one of our longest standing members, and probably owns the most CFA clothing in the world. (Thank you Jojo)  In her blog about the open, Jojo explains the mental rollercoaster experienced every year, and why she keeps coming back for more! We can't wait to see how you've progressed going into 2018, Jo!  "Nothing rivals the fear and excitement you get in equal measure about the 'unknown' WODs that will be released over the five weeks." 

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The CrossFit Games Open 2018 ... Why I take Part, by Ewan Johnstone

Prior to doing the CrossFit Games Open, something was missing from Ewan's CrossFit journey... until The Open 2017.  "Previous to 17.3 I had never snatched more than 45kg, so I went for the scaled WoD. By the end of the WOD I had snatched 50kg for 9 reps then managed to get 60kg for 1."  Read Ewan's story and why he thinks YOU should sign up! 

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