What The Open does for me, in and out of the gym ... by Joanne Thomas

First and foremost I take part in the open for the love of CrossFit Aberdeen, the coaches who inspire me and of course the COMMUNITY. I love it when the open comes round as it's a time to get together with everyone and throw down no matter what level you are at. Nothing rivals the fear and excitement you get in equal measure about the 'unknown' WODs that will be released over the five weeks. Another reason I take part is to see how far I have come and learning to embrace my weaknesses. I know that I am not able (YET!!) to do some of the full movements and prescribed weights of most of the open workouts but it won't stop me trying. In fact if anything it will make me work harder each time and I know if I put the work in the results will eventually follow.

Stand out moments?
When I participated in the open last year it was the first time I managed to do a couple of WODs as prescribed (17.1 and 17.5) and I was totally surprised and very happy at what I managed to achieve, silencing the little voice in my head telling me I wasn't good enough! It's amazing what a little self belief can do and not only does this give me a chance to focus on my physical ability it pushes me mentally and emotionally, attributes that transfer over in to my every day life as well.

Why should you do it?
It is just so much fun, challenging yourself and seeing your progression. The great thing about the open is you don't have to be in it to win it, it is about taking part and working your ass off, along with the rest of the community who in turn will cheer you on right to the end and that in itself is pretty special.

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