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foodspring clear whey protein


Clear Whey is made with Whey Isolate; a high-protein, low lactose powder made of milk from pasture-raised, grass-fed cows. Isolate makes it less of a protein shake and more of a refreshing protein beverage—both remarkably light and immensely satisfying. And because each is naturally flavoured, it doesn’t just taste good. It feels good too.

  • NZMP free roaming grass-fed cows yield protein in its purest form
  • 26g of protein per serving*, without the milky taste
  • Easy to digest—helping to rebuild muscle quicker¹

Ease and convenience are key components of the Clear Whey formulation. Because the hour after exercise is critical. Drinking Clear Whey protein after a workout maximizes the amino acid foundation needed to repair muscle tissues, and promote the development of new tissue.1 Simply mix and drink—ideal for athletes in high-intensity training.

Clear Whey is for You If

  • You lack the appetite for a meal, or find it difficult to drink protein shakes after intense exercise
  • You want to boost muscle rebuilding and maintenace within the key one-hour post-workout window
  • You don’t want to undo tough training with sugary high-carb, high-fat alternatives