LMNT Electrolytes (Box)


LMNT Electrolytes (Box)



Key benefits

  • Regulates fluid balance (blood flow). 
  • Regulates blood pressure.
  • Helps conduct nerve impulses.
  • Increases the absorption of certain nutrients through the gut. 

LMNT disrupted the electrolyte industry by creating this clean, ketogenic-friendly, and science-backed ratio fit for athletes and anyone looking for optimal hydration and balanced energy levels without the sugars and fillers. This electrolyte blend from LMNT provides a purposeful and balanced dosage between sodium, magnesium and potassium for optimised absorption and bioavailability.

LMNT is fully committed to create products with the highest purity and effectiveness, and was created by Robb Wolf to address a specific need for a clean high-sodium and zero-sugar electrolyte drink. Wolf was told by his fitness coaches' to increase his salt intake, and when he did everything changed for him. The product is designed to support the healthiest version of yourself by replenishing essential minerals that we lose during the day from working out, drinking caffeine, sweating, and stress. Everyone could benefit from improved energy levels, cognitive function, and restored hydration whether you are an athlete, a professional, a parent, or someone who needs an extra boost of hydration during the day.